About Us

‘The Thrill Himalaya’ is based on the reconnaissance and the confidence that we have built over the years. We believe in delivering our experience and suggest you the best vacation options. We know the cores of Himalayas from the core of our heart. Name the place and we have been there. Himalayas thrill us and Himalayas chill us.

The Thrill Himalaya is the result of our 20+ years of experience in the Tourism Sector as our best Investment till now. With a deep knowledge of our self-made products we have decided to encourage more and more tourist or nature lover to enjoy the tranquility of the Himalayan Forests, Landscape, Architectures, Culture, Flora & Fauna and its geography.

Who we are

The Thrill Himalaya is a team of hard core tourism consultant, headed by Mr. Ravi Kant based in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. A break from you daily hectic schedule is the time of your life when you want to enjoy the most. We turn your breaks into chances of holidays and provide you the opportunities to make the best use of it. We understand that the worth of your money paid for vacations must return in the shape of enjoyment. We care for that and offer you the best of Holiday products.

Where are we?

We are located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh – the Northern part of India, a town that remained unknown to the world till the second decade of the nineteenth century, when the British moved up to the hills. Today the Shimla is topping on world’s tourism map and is the entry gate to the hidden valley of the middle and the high Himalayan regions.

Our vision

The regular holiday destinations are the story of the past. Today’s traveller looks for offbeat destinations. We, The Thrill Himalaya understand the requirement of the traveller and bring the unique holiday products to fulfill tourist’s desire. We offer you the best and unique places with all the relevant information and yet keep the suspense alive till the time you have reached the place. The idea is to provide you the worth of your hard earned money and make you enjoy the uniqueness of the unusual.

Your satisfaction is primary

We are maintaining information center to inform tourist time to time. Ask us as much as you want to know about the place that we recommend, and the replies are readily available. You hold the right to know and we are here to inform. We believe in the policy of delivering on demand so your satisfaction is the primary feature for our team.

Why we

Approval from the Government bodies is a necessary element of the trusted Tourist Company but above all Professionalism is the spice of our job and personal reconnaissance is an essential part of our profession. We keep an eye to up keep ourselves and remain informed about the changing scenario. The products are updated as per the requirement from time to time and we keep adding frills to make them more and more interesting for you.

About Ravi Kant

A tourism venture cannot find success if it does not have a good leader.Here at The Thrill Himalaya, Ravi Kant, the team leader is a qualified tourism professional.Trained as an Adventure sports instructor from the Mountaineering Institute Manali and graduate in tourism from Himachal Pradesh University, Ravi brings an experience of nearly TWENTY YEARS. He understands the need of the traveller and offers a variety of tourism products that he designs after a details reconnaissance.

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